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Answers to commonly asked questions:
a. Battery type: Please use the specified WEEFINE battery type according to your dive light user manual, if using rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, only use WEEFINE batteries with built in protection circuitry;
b. Battery Replacement: to ensure proper performance and safety of the dive light , replace only with same brand, same type and same capacity batteries and make sure to insert batteries correctly with the positive end pointing towards the light head assembly;
c. Remove batteries for long time storage to avoid complete battery discharge or leakage which may damage the dive light components and parts.

●Waterproof O-ring and Lubricant
a. The proper amount of silicone lubricant will be applied to the dive light o-rings before shipping in order to ensure smooth operation and extended lifetime and to ensure the unit is 100% waterproof. Always check that there is sufficient lubricant on the o-rings and threads of the light head and barrel to avoid binding. Always verify a CLEAN surface and o-ring before assembling the dive light. WEEFINE warranty does not cover improper maintenance, negligence or assembly of the product.
b. At the first sign of wear, replace o-rings with the spare ones attached in the package.

●Max Output
At MAX output, a significant amount of heat is generated by the drive circuit and LED. The dive light head will get comparatively hot. To protect the battery, circuit and LED and to extend the lifetime of the dive light, do not run the light at MAX output continuously for more than a few minutes unless submerged to provide adequate cooling.

WEEFINE Dive Lights, batteries and accessories come with 6 month exchange warranty coverage on materials and workmanship. Any flooding or light failure as a result of improper maintenance or use, operation beyond depth capacity, substitution of parts or alteration or repair to lights shall void this warranty. Service on the entire WEEFINE line of products is performed locally in North Vancouver, BC. This guarantees minimal downtime for the end user. Please contact us at with any inquiries.

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