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Weefine WFA73 dark blue ambient light filter for Weefine Smart Focus 5000 and 7000 series video lights

This filter converts the white light of the video light to a blue light which exactly matches the spectrum of
the ambient light, ideal at a depth of 10-20m (30-60ft).

Blue filters are used to render the light color of your video light equal to the color of the
surrounding light. The deeper you go underwater, the 'bluer' it gets. If you then illuminate the
subject in the foreground with the “white light” of your lamp, there is a large color difference
between the foreground and the background. The background is largely illuminated by the blue ambient
light. You could correct that by using a manual white balance adjustment. This of course applies to
the entire image. To ensure that both the foreground and the background get the correct color after
correction, you must therefore ensure that both are exposed with the same color. With the right blue
filter, the light from your video light will be equal to that of the ambient light. If you then
perform a white balance correction, the colors of the entire image are perfect!


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